Jammeh’s tired tricks plunge APRC in melancholy

By Gambia Watchdog Writer

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Gambia’s fate lies upon weeks preceding January 19, 2017 that will constitutionally mark the end of outgoing President Jammeh’s term as president of the country.

The gross abuses of power are electrifying in a bid to intimidate Gambians so as to compel them to surrender their sovereign rights which has been his tricks for 22 years.
In large patterns fashioned in a totalitarian inclination, this cruel oppressive system is what structures the legacy of his Armed Forces Provisional ruling council (AFPRC) turned Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) administration in our dear country.
The crackdown on three radio stations, Teranga, Hilltop and Paradise radios which have pinned the managers and their journalists in a laconic lacuna. Shutting down these radio stations that have just commenced to highlight the lost voices of decades preceding December 1, 2016 election amounts to an affront to our young democracy and freedom.

The very voices which he suppressed and deprived of access to alternative information, while using the state media as a flagship to disseminated his unrelenting and terror propaganda.
A new civil society organization of this epoch had its associates arbitrarily arrested, detained and intimidated for portraying their sacrosanct right by imprinting T-shirts and Billboards
Jammeh and his cronies in APRC echelon have illegally twisted heads on the free and fair election with allegations of “irregularities.” The remnants of his party after his defeat are preparing to spark a clamorous disorder in opposition of the Barrow-led-coalition. His sycophants and puppets are determined to lynch the peaceful atmosphere created by the peaceful electorate of the people.

There are also reports of some desperate people of the outgoing president Jammeh ready ambush to create commotion on 19 January by infiltrating the crowd of the coalition during the planned inauguration and do vandalism among other disorderly behavior to and use the coalition team as a scapegoat for any eventualities.
Jammeh has since deployed soldiers at checkpoints and patrolling NIA as if the country is under arrest but thanks to the position of the coalition calling all citizens to go about their normal business and interact treat the security officers as their own brothers and sisters and share food and drinks with them as usual.
Yahya Jammeh’s insistent to cling on power by and the kind of rumors spreading is causing panic resulting in the mass fleeing of people to find a safer sanctuary either in the remote provinces or out of the country. People swarmed at European and the American embassies to return back to their countries.
Families are purchasing food stuff in bulk to keep in anticipation of hard days ahead. All due to the tendencies of the outgoing regime violating the constitution by hijacking GRTS and transit all kinds of irresponsible messages to the populace whose alternative media – the private radio stations are forced off the air.
Rumors are rife that mercenary fighters (rebels) will be used by Jammeh due to his fear for ECOWAS military intervention and some soldier who might not be loyal to illegal command as commander in chief of the Gambia Armed Forces.
Jammeh’s New Year message echoes violence, not as a revolutionary that he has been claiming to be for 22 years.
He is bent on using foreign judges against the Gambian people and now busying the Supreme Court with APRC’s election petition before a hired panel of foreign machinery judges who will do the worst without consideration giving a damn to repugnancy.
Like all patriotic citizens, Jammeh should sacrifice by prioritising the peace and stability of the country instead of only the wealth he amassed and his personal security. He should pragmatically manifest his final love for The Gambia and peacefully hand over power to president-elect Adama Barrow on January 19, 2017. Period.