Gambia Watchdog online newspaper has now joined the community of online newspapers aiming to provide readers with in-depth news in an investigative fashion.

As we are ready to be at work in pursuit of justice, we are not at war and we will never be at war but to speak the truth and report the news as it happens in a detailed and evidence-based manner so as to answer the many unanswered questions in the legitimate interest of the public.

Needless to say, there are so many developments that affect the lives of the people but are just swept under the carpet, kept away from public knowledge, despite the existence of the public’s sacrosanct right to information.

This is the vacuum that Gambia Watchdog would like to fill through truthful and fair reporting, without fear or favour, affection or ill will.

Be assured that this site is not a gossip hub, but one that uncovers the truth about issues, which if concealed would no doubt do more harm than good to our collective existence as a people living in a society where democratization needs participatory approach.

As we do our job, our modus operandi should not be confused for those of spies or witch hunters. Our purpose is to serve humanity through the noble profession of journalism, and without doubt against odds that have caused harrowing apprehension among colleagues both at home and abroad.

Simple still, our work is to do investigative journalism. We yearn to make more friends than enemies in our endeavours. We are sure you can also help us to investigate; hence we welcome the assistance of people to ease our investigative work.

Help us to investigate so that we can clean our society of vices like corruption and other abuses by holding our public officers, institutions and individuals accountable; whose action have direct or indirect impact on the social, economic and political life of our society.

We are contributors to building a disciplined nation that is characterised by good governance and respect for human rights.

We should not be mistaken for angels watching over the evil acts of devils. All Gambia Watchdog writers are your journalists at work for you.

From Gambia Watchdog Editorial Desk

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